Anusha and Barath – The Wedding – Chennai, India

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Welcome to Chennai, India, another world on the same earth.  Tom and Priscilla had the amazing opportunity to join their friends Anusha and Barath for their wedding about 12,000 miles from Chicago (give or take a few depending on your route) and of course Tom shot a few pictures.  We dressed in our authentic Indian wear and jumped right in for a vividly colorful day loaded with deep traditions.

The third and last day of Anusha and Barath’s wedding pictured here, began with the couple on a large wooden swing near the entrance to the wedding hall.  They greeted their guests and had photos taken to kick off the celebration.  This was followed by the more formal ceremonies on the stage with the priests and family.  For this stage, the couple performs many rituals, repeats mantras, makes offerings and after a few hours becomes fully married!  Throughout the ceremony, the band plays loud and lively rhythmic music that stir excitement in the crowd.  Check out the short video for quick taste of sounds!

Thanks Anusha and Barath for sharing your special day with us.  It was an unforgettable experience!  

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Video: Indian Wedding Ceremony Chennai, India

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